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Sanbantai fukutaichou

Kira Izuru

Kira Izuru
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Welcome to sanbantaifuku[taichou], a livejournal community dedicated to Kira Izuru of Tite Kubo's Bleach. He was formerly a member of the 5th Division and is currently the Vice Captain of the Gotei 13's 3rd Division, having served as Ichimaru Gin's adjutant.


If the entries pertain to Izuru one way or another, it's fine to post it. He doesn't necessarily have to be the main focus, as long as he's part of the content. As such, a variety of posts are more than welcome.

Bashing of any kind is not allowed, no matter who or what it is on. This is a fan community, if you have any negative input to share then please go do that somewhere else. Entries containing hate messages will be removed immediately without so much as a warning. These kind of acts are not tolerated here.

Do try to be considerate of the other fans and keep the spoilers under control. If what you are about to post contains spoilers - be it massive or light - for the latest episode or chapter, put it under a livejournal cut. This helps the members that do not wish to spoil themselves avoid the discussions they have no desire to read. Otherwise spoiler posts are just as good as any other entries around.

Fan works would be wonderful additions to the community. Postings of fanart, fanfiction, icons and the like are encouraged. More information and necessary rules are below.


First of all, any form of fan works are welcome: fanart, fanfiction, icons, colorbars, FSTs and so on. You may also post links to other sites that you are recommending (any form of advertising aside from promoting other livejournal communities are not encouraged). Doujinshi/manga scans are acceptable as well.

When recommending work that is not yours, please credit the right person(s) - getting permission, if possible, is encouraged.

Any genre and rating is all right. This includes adult material, as long as it is placed behind a cut
in a locked (community friends) post with proper warnings for the younger audiences. The community is open to any and every kind of fan work, meaning shounen-ai/yaoi and such are perfectly fine.

When posting fan work, please include the following - unless stated otherwise, most blanks are optional. Some fields may not apply for certain things, so skip those if they aren't applicable. You can always add in more information if you'd like. All fan works should be placed under a cut.

Rating: (required)

Warnings/spoilers: (required, if any)

Should you ever want to leave a message, here are the basic ways to reach us.

Name: Jae
Livejournal: erinilliana
Email: angel.feathers[@]yahoo.com

Name: Cee
Livejournal: Ceestar
Email: ceestar928 [@]hotmail.com


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